You'd like to make your horse happy.

But you'd also like to actually do something together and reach your goals. I can help you with online coaching that feels positive for you and your horse. We mainly work with positive reinforcement and we try to avoid fear and punishment.

You won’t only learn about positive horse training though. I will help you clear up your own mind of old beliefs and habits. Talking about it with other horse people will become easier and more fun, since you’ll develop your own voice. No more being the "clueless softie" and getting unsolicited advice! 

Suzy Deurinck | Instructor | Animal Science

Training Joy

Frequent 1 on 1 coaching

100% Online: video calls

Clear training schedule

Friendship between you and your horse



90 min about training & science

Rich and deep online lectures

Replay available

Loading, hiking outside, ...


De oude manier past niet meer bij jullie. Jouw paard geeft het aan en jij bent zelf het plezier 'n beetje verloren. 


Met een duidelijk stappenplan leer je hoe belonend trainen werkt. Je paard krijgt een stem, zonder opdringerigheid. 

Wat is positieve bekrachtiging en hoe kan 't jou en je paard verder helpen?

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